School life and academics is not only necessary to build a great life and great future. Here’s how

If you hate to study but still you have a talent like everyone have you can be successful in your life
Success is a choice which demands lots of efforts in your daily life.
Everyone wants to be successful until they know what it costs but still, it’s your choice either go through the toughest and rise or give up.
“To shine like a sun first you have to learn how to burn like a sun”.
But always remember if you choose to go through toughest always keep a smile on your face and enjoy then you will continue towards your journey of success
“Successful people always carry two things
Silence and smile”.
Also remember hard work only is not enough you have to face many things in a very smart way then you will.
Don’t keep working hard like a donkey
Hard work is the key to success is the most stupid quote ever
According to Chanakya neeti.
The lion is not the tallest nor the strongest animal but his attitude makes him the king of the forest.
Also, keep in mind success is not a destination it is a journey
even after succeeding in your life you still have to learn new things and grow yourself continuously remember success is not owned you have to pay its rent regularly.

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