Stay away from negative energy caused by foolish thoughts of negative people

Your career should always match your interest.
Don’t look at which career has scope, look for a career that you like.
Not like everyone, What your parents believe is earning billions of money is success and for this, they are ready to sacrifice their happiness and you have also notice that the only thing they focus on every career is how much is the salary sometimes they even don’t know what kind of work you have to do in it.
Moreover, according to today’s education system we just score good marks and afterward forget what we have learned, this is because of lack of interest in gaining such type of knowledge and hoping for good work and job
This is the main cause of unsuccessfulness which your parents advise you to do.
So how can you create a successful career in a particular field if you have no knowledge of it, that’s what the older generation thinks but it’s not also a mistake of the older generation because of limited career option in past, lack of technology, and non-open-mindedness.
But your life is always in your control no matter how much resistance others put and you can still succeed in your life no matter how much support you get from others.
So stop wasting time explaining them and focus on what you want to be.
If becoming a celebrity is not easy as it requires a lot of effort and struggle remember becoming a doctor, engineer, or getting a job also requires a lot of effort and struggle in both cases it’s better to choose the field you like.
If you even not successful in it, it will be your life experience, your mistake, and a great lesson
but nothing will happen for bad everything happens for good and what happens next will be good.

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