Stay away from stupid myths like astrology, especially to decide your career

If you are surrounded by people believing in superstitious things like astrology there are high chances that they have forced you to choose a career what his stars say and what is inside your luck
Which can be something you don’t like or even hate and it’s strongly recommended that never choose that field you don’t like or you will destroy your life
These people say these things are a part of religion but they forget the words of Geeta
‘kismat pe bharosa kay log kate h’
Means cowards trust in luck and god will never ask you to destroy your life.
Just because these people are afraid of problems to come in their life they used to believe in these things.
But if you want to be successful you should have the courage of facing problems and solving them.
So it’s better not to believe in these things.
Do you know?
A palmist said to Dr. S Radhakrishnan that there is no line of being intelligent on his hands
But today he is a highly respected personality of which we celebrate his birthday with the name of teachers day and there are many people who are disabled including those who don’t have hands-on their body (and no lines on their hands) but that doesn’t mean they have no future
Remember the olympic champion … Who don’t have hands
Moreover, great spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda also suggested staying away from these stupid things.
So be brave and solve every problem in your way and success is waiting for you.
Remember astrology is a superstition and superstition is a superstition

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