A single sheet of report card 📋 has no right to decide my future💰

You may be one of them who aren’t able to score good marks in school or college.
But remember there are many toppers in this world who are not getting good jobs or careers.
So don’t depend on your marks for your career, especially if you hate studies.
Remember the fact behind the education system in which after scoring marks people forget what they learned so guess what job they will do if they have no knowledge of their own work that’s the main cause of unemployment.
Also, remember your marks are just a part of your knowledge but in order to be successful you have to learn throughout your life that’s why it is recommended to choose the field of your interest so you will enjoy yourself instead of stressing yourself up.
If your parents and relatives are not happy with your score it’s their fault, not yours.
You might have listened about the half-filled water glass theory in which if one who see the glass is half empty is a pessimist and one who sees the glass is half-filled is an optimist.

Similarly, those people who are not satisfied with your marks are negative and those who are satisfied are considered to be positive.
So stay away from negative people
Remember marks in today’s education system has no value with your talent and if you want to a millionaire or billionaire only thing you should follow is your passion for your talent.

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