Don’t give a shit 😤😤about What people will say🔫

‘Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log’
Yes, continuous thinking about what people will say is the biggest disease of all, it has killed nothing but billions of dreams on the earth.
This disease came from nowhere but from our home, everything including our clothing, our way of thinking, and especially our dreams but have you seen people who may have not even played football in their life but still correcting Ronaldo’s skills? 🙂
Then you have also seen many egoistic persons who continuously giving you advice for everything without having any knowledge of it and of course, their advice has no sense at all.
So it’s better to not come in words of these people and also it’s better not to be liked by them.
In order to be successful in our life, you have to get rid of such disease and it will also boost your confidence and makes your life easy.
Remember, if someone has a problem with your dreams every time that person is negative just like that water glass theory and stay away from negative people
Also remember, trying to be liked every time is a huge waste of time because even the greatest person on this earth has many haters but he always admires his lovers and doesn’t mind any hater
Similarly, no doubt how great you become some amount of your haters are always their
Also, if someone is mocking you or negative with your dreams, he will be embarrassed in the future.
So be ready for this and let the words of people not destroy you.
If they are abusing you now they will not be able to show you their face in the future.

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