Why you should follow your passion and work passionately about that 🎨🎸in order to change the world🏆?

You should choose a career of your choice because of many reasons.
First, Knowing the fact learning is life long and you will never learn lifelong about something you don’t like but if you like something you will enjoy gaining more and more knowledge about that thing so this being the first reason to choose a career you like.
Second, You will enjoy your work without taking any kind of stress and you will try to bring out your best in specific work by putting your full mind and heart on it which everyone will appreciate and if you choose a field you don’t like you will never enjoy that work and it will stress you out, you will not put any of your heart in your work you will think of just completing without any interest of making it good, it can also lead to some mental disorders.
Third, you will be happy with your life, maybe you are not able to earn millions of bucks but still, you will have enough money to meet your family needs
But also remember if you keep working hard and learn new things throughout your life, your talent will cost billions one day.
Also, billionaires are not always those who earn a lot of money, billionaire are also those who invest and used money in a smart way.
Its, not 90’s it’s the 21st century where technology is developed and everything has a profession as you are born in this era you have a better knowledge of career-making as you know and it’s also better to stop believing in old things (what your parents may do) and be open-minded.

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