Why your unique talent is hidden?

What hides your talent?
Everybody in this world has a birthright to become something they want to be for this everybody in this world is born with some talent as well as some purpose with it, but due to increasing greed for money, these talents are becoming hidden.
Educational institutes are doing business in the name of education and they are filling a misconception in students mind that study is everything to create a phobia in them so they will study and educational institutes can grow and continue their business and moreover such greed for money has corrupted our thinking with number of misconceptions
Such greed for money led to no money.
If everyone can’t be an athlete then also everyone can’t be a doctor.
If you have found your inner talent then congrats you can go forward.
Support yourself, don’t expect such a negative society to support you they respect money they don’t respect talent but if you want to be happy in life then for goodness sake never involve yourself in such stupidity or you will destroy your life chasing for money.
Struggle for what you are born to be.

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