Why engineering is first advice on the lips of every parent and desi relative? ROAST!!!!!

Reason #1. A belief that engineering colleges directly takes you to job interviews
People believe that engineering is such a type of career in which one has to study for a short span (just for 4 years) and the biggest thing is you get a job by just giving an interview after completing all the semesters… SOUNDS EASY RIGHT?
But the truth behind this is a little bitter. Interviewers are very sharp in terms of hiring their employees. They act as ‘passion detector’. They will easily detect whether this person is passionate about the job or not. They will never hire you if you lack passion which is their primary criterion. And it is a fact that they will hire only a limited amount of employees, not everyone.
This is because every company wants to compete at its best and keep growing that’s why they only hire employees with a great attitude towards their work and for this, in many cases, they don’t even look at marks. If your attitude is great and you are able to make them feel that you are really passionate about your work, only then they will hire you and in such tasks, many toppers fail.
So stay away from such nonsense that even if you don’t have a passion for engineering it will definitely make you a successful person.

Reason #2. Their vision is only able to detect external things.
It means in the case of big artists, like great singers, actors, etc. their skills are visible. But in the case of engineers, their skills are not visible to people. They just imagine a guy working on a computer and nobody knows what they are actually doing.


That’s why they think engineering is a simple task.

Reason #3. Show off
In this negative society, every parent wants to show off in front of neighbors or relatives.
In which if they tell others that their son wants to be an engineer there will be an impressive impression but a negative society will laugh if they tell others that their son actually wants to be a singer.
That’s the real reason which scares them.

Reason #4. Fear and greed of money
They are living in fear that they should have a healthy and wealthy future and that’s why they should do what others are doing though they know their child’s unique talent.
Remember in 99% cases if you took a decision with a feeling of fear, that decision is wrong.
And the second thing to remember is that greed of money makes you blind.
Yes it’s true money is very important but still, it’s not everything and the biggest mistake negative people make is sacrificing their happiness just for money and also getting failed.
In the end, I want to tell you that happiness is more important than success and I have already mentioned in my previous post that happiness is a key to success

You can read out that post here

So before taking any decision make sure to care about your happiness.
Yes, if it is giving you short term stress then it’s fine to take that stress but if it is giving you lifetime stress, never take it.


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