Some psychological tips for better life

It doesn’t matter how good or a bad one is in academics, one can still call himself/herself an intelligent person.
However, as per the Indian education system, one who is able to memorize things better will be called intelligent.
Myself a student of psychology, what I am sharing is real and trustworthy.

First of all, remember these things are not complex as they seem to be and you will definitely get something interesting.

#1. Function of neurons in our brain

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You may have heard about neuron cells in our nervous system which works together and analyze information and with the increase of neurons in our brain we become more intelligent to solve problems in our life as well. We are able to experience more positivity and more energy and these cells continue to multiply throughout our life (don’t believe in such a rumor about they stop growing after some age)
Yes it’s true some have the low amount and some have a high amount of neurons and those with a high amount of neurons are much better in terms of lifestyle and the good point is you can grow more and more and you should keep growing because the number of neurons is not stable they either grow or either shrink.
So let’s come to the point how you can grow your neurons
Positive thought and positive emotions can increase your neurons and also when our brain experience something new.
It might be a new place, new challenge, something new to learn, something new to create or anything even playing new games and watching new movies that excite you.
So what you can do is keep learning new things (school syllabus not always required) either through books or through YouTube or from anywhere.
Also keep setting new goals either long term or short term goals
Long term goals like what is your dream to become in the future
Short term goals like
I want to lose weight
I want to complete a book
I want to learn cooking
Or anything.

What led to the shrinkage of neurons?
Negative thoughts and negative emotions like ego, fear, high amount of anger, etc. especially led to shrinkage of neurons in our brain.
Also, experiencing nothing new, learning nothing new, etc. shrinks our neuron connections in our nervous system. Involved in a regular task like
Just do job
Earn money
And repeat
No change in life
Living a boring life like this also shrinks neurons in our brain

Some old people behave childishly I believe because in maximum cases they believe that they have done everything and this leads to shrinkage of neurons that’s why they behave childishly.
And above all giving, too much stress to a boring subject also decreases the number of neurons.
That’s why I advise never to listen to desi relatives in terms of career advice because you can observe them from above details there is a weak network of neurons inside their brain so better stay away from negativity.
And live a happy and amazing life.

#2. Functions of two hemispheres of the brain.

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You know that our brain has two hemispheres left and right. In these two hemispheres left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analytics whereas the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity.
You might be dominant from one side but it’s not enough because real intelligence is where both of the hemispheres work together
Logic means the ability to create information from given information
Simply like
1+1=2 where we obtain information from given information
And creativity means an ability to create.
You can create only if you use something. You can’t create anything if you don’t have knowledge about anything
In 1+1=2 2 can only be created if we know how to add 1 and 1 and logical mind is used
For exa, simple you can’t draw an image if you don’t have proper knowledge about colors.
On the other side, the logical mind needs a creative mind.
1+1=2 here 2 is created with the given 1+1 with the help of a creative mind
Also in this world, information is not limited. Information is also created that’s why the world is changing and technology is advancing more and more.
For example, there is no fun of learning piano if you can’t play a song on it.
Yes, depending upon the lifestyle you might be dominant from one side
like a music composer is dominant from the creative side and a scientist is dominant from the analytical side.
But here’s the point is, music composers can’t compose music if he doesn’t have proper knowledge of musical instruments, musical notes, and scales.
Scientists can’t invent anything if he is not creative.

Simply explaining you cannot create anything if you have nothing and there is no use of anything if you cannot create anything.

Which shows the creative mind is dependent on the logical mind and the logical mind is dependent on the creative mind.

So that’s why I recommend keeping sharpening both hemispheres and you will develop a super brain and superintelligence.

Also, good health habits will create a positive impact on mental health. So, eat good, drink lots of water and exercise daily.

Do you know Albert Einstein use to challenge himself with more tough mathematical and scientific equations (here he is sharpening his left hemisphere i.e. logical side of the brain and new challenges increase his neurons)
And also he used to compose new and new tunes on violin (here he is improving his right hemisphere i.e. the creative side of the brain and composing new tunes increases his neurons)
and he was awarded and recognized as the most intelligent man of the 20th century.

So, if you are a study hater you can sharpen your left hemisphere (logical mind) by solving riddles, playing brain games like chess or other brain games keep challenging yourself hard and hard on it.

And you can sharpen your right hemisphere (creative mind) by any of your hobby of playing music, painting, writing stories, making jokes or any artistic passion and challenge yourself to create more and more better, these days meme making is very popular and can be used to improve creative mind in a great way to make others laugh.

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