Overconfidence, what it actually means?

Today I am going to clarify a huge misconception about overconfidence.
When you are preparing for something you might have seen a lot of people draining your energy by saying overconfidence is not good.
But what is the real meaning behind overconfidence?
First of all, I would like to tell you that trusting your hard work and efforts is not overconfidence, overconfidence is when we stop preparing ourselves for something we are going to face
For example
I will work hard and prepare myself so good that I will definitely win, this is confidence.
I am already an expert I don’t need to prepare and if I fail it means judgment is stupid, such kind of ego is called overconfidence.
If a student is good in studies and becomes a topper every time in class, still he needs to prepare for exam and the moment he will say I don’t need to prepare because I am already a topper is called overconfidence.

Just because you all giving your full efforts and you know that you will definitely succeed one day is not overconfidence.
And now I am going to share a great and your favorite example of overconfidence i.e. Desi relatives.
Suppose you want to become an olympian and you show great interest and dedication over it but certainly, a relative came to your house and started scolding you that it’s not possible, this is called overconfidence because we all are humans and we can work hard to reach great extends to our life but, what about those relatives? who actually don’t know about what can happen in the future and giving an overconfidence statement that it is not possible.
Also, they will easily advise you to do engineering, and giving a guarantee of having a job is overconfidence.
Giving guarantee of failure where we show interest and giving a high guarantee of getting a job where we don’t show interest is called overconfidence and inner point inside this, suppose, an engineer thinks himself a great engineer just because his marks are great but nobody likes his work and instead of improving his skills he blames others as idiots is overconfidence and laughing at others failure is also overconfidence. This happens many times because they don’t know the overconfidence psychology that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
So it’s better to observe first who is blaming that you are overconfident because without knowing the actual meaning of overconfidence and blaming you overconfident is itself considered as overconfidence.
So stay happy and energized and never lose your confidence in the fear of overconfidence.

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