Two doctors and their story, That will help you to know the real meaning of passion

Hi I am doctor A

I was passionate about doctors since childhood. I always love to treat sick people and I like to compete with the toughest challenge and because of this passion and dedication tough challenges and tough problems don’t make me stressed, they make me feel motivated.

I show full interest and full heart on my work because I love my work and that’s why I love to learn new and new ideas and my knowledge always keeps boosting and the biggest thing is I notice that many ideas came to my mind automatically.
Just because I am following my passion I generate new ideas automatically from everywhere. I love to learn tough medical subjects deeply with the full focus instead of stress.
Because of such interest and such attitude, I am in high demand in many areas of the world because my work is of high quality and I earn high.
I am a highly respected doctor in my society.
My life is awesome.

Hi I am Doctor B

From the beginning, I was very weak about medical studies but after noticing the life of Doctor A my parents forced me to become a doctor.
My parents said that I just have to do rote memorization and qualify the exam and score good marks, just after this I will become a doctor.
But the first thing that rote memorization was very tough because of tough medical terms, those terms and everything I learn, slip out very quickly from my mind because my mind doesn’t like these medical terms.
I struggle a lot, I even sacrificed my physical and mental health, and afterward, I was just able to qualify and get a medical degree.
Now I am thankful that I don’t have to learn anymore because I am exhausted, but the reality is very much different.
Because of lack of interest, all the knowledge slipped out of my mind and no one is giving me a job because of poor knowledge as well dull personality I sacrificed, dull personality I lost had played a great negative role in my job interview but lack of interest and poor knowledge gave me a complete rejection from everywhere I go for a job.
I even fired from a job because they don’t like my work and got a better option than me.
My parents are blaming me for everything.
My life is full of stress, depression, and sadness.
I hope I have shown some courage and followed some of my heart.

My friends this was just a fictional story but it is really happening in many areas of the world, it might have also happened with you but there is only one truth ‘Your earnings depend on your quality of work’.
You will earn great only if you work great, not by earning degrees and if you fully follow your passion you will definitely become successful if you work hard and compete hard on it.
And the biggest thing about following your passion is that you will work with full dedication and with a very low amount of stress, big problems don’t demotivate you.
Still, you have the time, show some courage, and listen to your heart.


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