BEST TIPS!! That will clear your confusion and all the worries about choosing stream in 11th class by 303%


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Many of you have finally cleared your 10th class
Congrats!! Now you have entered a new stage of life, and now you are going to gain some new experiences and new facts about life.
But the majority of students are confused about what stream to choose in 11th class and here I am going to clear all your doubts.
So read the full article.

First of all, I would like to tell you that subjects can be changed depends on the school where you are studying, so don’t stay in such a worry and misconception that there is only one chance or you will spoil your future, the stream can be changed.
Another thing to tell if you are a study hater, that now you are going to be mature enough to understand your limits, abilities and weaknesses and no doubt you might be thinking that now you are going against your mind and you will study hard and score good marks but unlikely what happens in most cases in 11th grade most of the study haters finally accept themselves that they are study haters and stop dreaming about scoring high grades (and there is nothing bad about that it’s wisdom not foolishness) so instead of taking stress it’s better to understand your abilities first.
Also, if someone is saying that 11th and 12th classes are the worst two years of your life, ignore that because according to my experience these two years were the best years of my school days, other things depend on your experience.
So read the following tips and you will definitely erase your confusion.

Remember, these tips are based on more other facts than the famous advice ‘choose where you are interested’.

#1. Ask yourself why you want to choose that stream
Yes, I know that there is a stream running in your mind but you are confused about whether you should choose it or not.
So first answer yourself one question
What if I study these things my whole life?
If this question scares you then better don’t choose that stream remembering the fact that real success is learning lifelong and if you feel uncomfortable about learning that subject lifelong then don’t choose it and think for a moment to stay away from all these stressful subjects if it makes you feel calm then better accept that calmness.
But if you feel you will love to learn more and more as well as tougher and toughest facts without any stress for long hours about that field and you will give a very tough competition to everyone in that field then you can surely choose that field otherwise don’t.

#2. Forget what others have said and ignored what they are saying.
This is the root cause of your confusion, but if you are saying “I am not listening to anyone” keep in mind if you are confused about stream there are 99% chances that words of wrong people are affected inside your heart, try to observe it and low down your fear because once you have chosen a perfect stream for you they will automatically shut themselves up. So, for a moment show some courage and completely forget what people have said to you and let your heart say you something.
Remember, this kind of people are a pessimist and internally they don’t want you to follow your interests and your passion (no doubt externally they will say that they care for your passion)and it’s a humble request for sake of your life, don’t choose any career option which you don’t like and if you know what your passion is, then don’t take any risk that will stop it. Keep in mind that desi relatives just want to satisfy their ego by giving you advice, but internally they don’t care about what is right or wrong, even said by the great saints and spiritual leaders”disagreement is not bad”.Two years are not less they are enough to change your subconscious mind programming and you can develop a personality of a pessimist and corrupt your whole life if you take unusual stress.

#3. Understanding the fact that marks are not everything

As many of us already told this that marks have no right to decide your future, but most of you have a dream to join great colleges and great universities, and hereby I am still saying that marks are not everything you can still join your dream institution by qualifying entrance exams and low grades are not so much important.
Also remember, that if you want to join a great institution then you will also have to study hard, so better look at your abilities first.

#4. Don’t just look at subjects.
In every school, every stream has a limited number of subjects and there is no reason that you have to study only these subjects to build up your life because there are far better career option from
So better don’t limit your mind in only these four career options because there are millions of career options in this world look out for them, what lies inside your passion.
Remember there are many students who choose arts stream after schooling with the science stream because they have finally accepted themselves.
Last thing I want to said if you are a study hater, try looking for a school which is lenient in terms of studies and short in terms of duration and give yourself time to plan what is your strength, what are you good at and which career option is good for you as per your talent, interest,s and abilities so that you can give some time and work hard as well as develop and improve your skills on it (Tip: Read out this article)Remember the words of Jack Ma.


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