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Misconception about positive vibes, that led to negativity.

  1. Happiness is key to success

What people do is corrupt themselves by satisfying their temptations and continuously eating junk food, watching movies, gaming all time. etc. But by doing this you are mentally weakening yourself, the real meaning behind this is to feel good and free from stress and all the negative energies not disturbing others and showing ego to them that I am playing lots of games and doing all the stupid stuff because this makes me happy. So what you should do is to smile, feel good and feel happy when you don’t have any reason to be sad and let others feel happy and comfortable with you without criticizing and humiliating them too much, remember criticizing more than required and for stupid reasons will develop negative energies inside you, so observe whether it can be solved without violence and convincing in a positive way.

  1. Think positive about yourself

What people do is develop ego in them that I am the best and show off in front of others.
But my dear friends, if you do this they will laugh at you. The real meaning behind this is to not underestimating yourself and staying away from fear about you can’t do anything and you have to develop self-confidence that you can achieve anything you want to and you need to work hard and increase self-esteem, you have to show them the great version of you, then only society will respect you and accept you as best.

BEST TIPS!! That will clear your confusion and all the worries about choosing stream in 11th class by 303%


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Many of you have finally cleared your 10th class
Congrats!! Now you have entered a new stage of life, and now you are going to gain some new experiences and new facts about life.
But the majority of students are confused about what stream to choose in 11th class and here I am going to clear all your doubts.
So read the full article.

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Two doctors and their story, That will help you to know the real meaning of passion

Hi I am doctor A

I was passionate about doctors since childhood. I always love to treat sick people and I like to compete with the toughest challenge and because of this passion and dedication tough challenges and tough problems don’t make me stressed, they make me feel motivated.

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Overconfidence, what it actually means?

Today I am going to clarify a huge misconception about overconfidence.
When you are preparing for something you might have seen a lot of people draining your energy by saying overconfidence is not good.
But what is the real meaning behind overconfidence?
First of all, I would like to tell you that trusting your hard work and efforts is not overconfidence, overconfidence is when we stop preparing ourselves for something we are going to face
For example
I will work hard and prepare myself so good that I will definitely win, this is confidence.
I am already an expert I don’t need to prepare and if I fail it means judgment is stupid, such kind of ego is called overconfidence.
If a student is good in studies and becomes a topper every time in class, still he needs to prepare for exam and the moment he will say I don’t need to prepare because I am already a topper is called overconfidence.

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Some psychological tips for better life

It doesn’t matter how good or a bad one is in academics, one can still call himself/herself an intelligent person.
However, as per the Indian education system, one who is able to memorize things better will be called intelligent.
Myself a student of psychology, what I am sharing is real and trustworthy.

First of all, remember these things are not complex as they seem to be and you will definitely get something interesting.

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