Misconception about positive vibes, that led to negativity.

  1. Happiness is key to success

What people do is corrupt themselves by satisfying their temptations and continuously eating junk food, watching movies, gaming all time. etc. But by doing this you are mentally weakening yourself, the real meaning behind this is to feel good and free from stress and all the negative energies not disturbing others and showing ego to them that I am playing lots of games and doing all the stupid stuff because this makes me happy. So what you should do is to smile, feel good and feel happy when you don’t have any reason to be sad and let others feel happy and comfortable with you without criticizing and humiliating them too much, remember criticizing more than required and for stupid reasons will develop negative energies inside you, so observe whether it can be solved without violence and convincing in a positive way.

  1. Think positive about yourself

What people do is develop ego in them that I am the best and show off in front of others.
But my dear friends, if you do this they will laugh at you. The real meaning behind this is to not underestimating yourself and staying away from fear about you can’t do anything and you have to develop self-confidence that you can achieve anything you want to and you need to work hard and increase self-esteem, you have to show them the great version of you, then only society will respect you and accept you as best.

BEST TIPS!! That will clear your confusion and all the worries about choosing stream in 11th class by 303%


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Many of you have finally cleared your 10th class
Congrats!! Now you have entered a new stage of life, and now you are going to gain some new experiences and new facts about life.
But the majority of students are confused about what stream to choose in 11th class and here I am going to clear all your doubts.
So read the full article.

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Two doctors and their story, That will help you to know the real meaning of passion

Hi I am doctor A

I was passionate about doctors since childhood. I always love to treat sick people and I like to compete with the toughest challenge and because of this passion and dedication tough challenges and tough problems don’t make me stressed, they make me feel motivated.

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Overconfidence, what it actually means?

Today I am going to clarify a huge misconception about overconfidence.
When you are preparing for something you might have seen a lot of people draining your energy by saying overconfidence is not good.
But what is the real meaning behind overconfidence?
First of all, I would like to tell you that trusting your hard work and efforts is not overconfidence, overconfidence is when we stop preparing ourselves for something we are going to face
For example
I will work hard and prepare myself so good that I will definitely win, this is confidence.
I am already an expert I don’t need to prepare and if I fail it means judgment is stupid, such kind of ego is called overconfidence.
If a student is good in studies and becomes a topper every time in class, still he needs to prepare for exam and the moment he will say I don’t need to prepare because I am already a topper is called overconfidence.

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Why engineering is first advice on the lips of every parent and desi relative? ROAST!!!!!

Reason #1. A belief that engineering colleges directly takes you to job interviews
People believe that engineering is such a type of career in which one has to study for a short span (just for 4 years) and the biggest thing is you get a job by just giving an interview after completing all the semesters… SOUNDS EASY RIGHT?
But the truth behind this is a little bitter. Interviewers are very sharp in terms of hiring their employees. They act as ‘passion detector’. They will easily detect whether this person is passionate about the job or not. They will never hire you if you lack passion which is their primary criterion. And it is a fact that they will hire only a limited amount of employees, not everyone.
This is because every company wants to compete at its best and keep growing that’s why they only hire employees with a great attitude towards their work and for this, in many cases, they don’t even look at marks. If your attitude is great and you are able to make them feel that you are really passionate about your work, only then they will hire you and in such tasks, many toppers fail.
So stay away from such nonsense that even if you don’t have a passion for engineering it will definitely make you a successful person.

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Do you know?

Once there was a mother who was very much disappointed by his son’s habit of eating jaggery (that time jaggery was treated just like candies today). So, that woman take his son to Guru Nanak dev and complained about his habit of eating jaggery.
Guru Nanak told them to meet me after 3 days.
After 3 days that woman came to Guru Nanak with his son and Guru Nanak instructed his son to not to eat jaggery too much, the woman was surprised and asked Guru Nanak dev you can even instruct this to him 3 days before Guru Nanak replied, “I did this because I myself was addicted to eating jaggery, and before I teach someone to stop eating it, I first need to stop eating myself”.
This story teaches us, before giving moral lectures to someone make sure that you are following it first.



Why your unique talent is hidden?

What hides your talent?
Everybody in this world has a birthright to become something they want to be for this everybody in this world is born with some talent as well as some purpose with it, but due to increasing greed for money, these talents are becoming hidden.
Educational institutes are doing business in the name of education and they are filling a misconception in students mind that study is everything to create a phobia in them so they will study and educational institutes can grow and continue their business and moreover such greed for money has corrupted our thinking with number of misconceptions
Such greed for money led to no money.
If everyone can’t be an athlete then also everyone can’t be a doctor.
If you have found your inner talent then congrats you can go forward.
Support yourself, don’t expect such a negative society to support you they respect money they don’t respect talent but if you want to be happy in life then for goodness sake never involve yourself in such stupidity or you will destroy your life chasing for money.
Struggle for what you are born to be.

Is society really mature and smart enough to teach you the lessons of success?

Is society really mature and smart enough to teach you the lessons of success?
Usually not, but it depends over person to person, there are some people who think if they can’t do it no one can such people are categorized in the negative side of society and others who take responsibility of their own mistakes are categorized in the positive side
(If someone didn’t accept that every human is different and thinks that what he thinks is the only right think on this universe that person can never be called as a wise and mature person) how can it be beneficial for you to listen and agree with them as they have not done so much in their life?
You also have to notice how a person is teaching you, either with the sense of ego and jealously or with a sense of motivation.
Moreover, beware of greedy money chases who are teaching you to chase money, there are many persons in this world who teach you to choose a career without any knowledge of it the reason behind only that this career makes you rich.
You can only be rich if your work is of high quality and high quality has a high price and high demand and to produce the high quality you need a high amount of hard work and interest and check out those who are teaching you to go against your interest.

Why people following their passion unable to succeed?

First of all, remember one thing is that never learn from such kind of people who failed in their life even after following their passion because it’s a mistake of them, not yours.
It’s better to learn and inspire from your idol who have work harder than those and also who are more talented than those.
There can be many reasons for their failure.
-They have not worked so hard
-Their mindset is not good
-They have given up
And much more reason can be their
Remember being only good is not enough you have to be great, then only you can be successful in a particular field you like.
Everyone can be good but everyone can’t be great and market demands great.

Why you should follow your passion and work passionately about that 🎨🎸in order to change the world🏆?

You should choose a career of your choice because of many reasons.
First, Knowing the fact learning is life long and you will never learn lifelong about something you don’t like but if you like something you will enjoy gaining more and more knowledge about that thing so this being the first reason to choose a career you like.
Second, You will enjoy your work without taking any kind of stress and you will try to bring out your best in specific work by putting your full mind and heart on it which everyone will appreciate and if you choose a field you don’t like you will never enjoy that work and it will stress you out, you will not put any of your heart in your work you will think of just completing without any interest of making it good, it can also lead to some mental disorders.
Third, you will be happy with your life, maybe you are not able to earn millions of bucks but still, you will have enough money to meet your family needs
But also remember if you keep working hard and learn new things throughout your life, your talent will cost billions one day.
Also, billionaires are not always those who earn a lot of money, billionaire are also those who invest and used money in a smart way.
Its, not 90’s it’s the 21st century where technology is developed and everything has a profession as you are born in this era you have a better knowledge of career-making as you know and it’s also better to stop believing in old things (what your parents may do) and be open-minded.

What makes a school topper 🎓 a damn living loser 😝😝?

Being a topper in the class is great, you will receive much praise from your parents, relatives, and teachers.
But why toppers are unable to succeed?
The reason is not that they are toppers, the reason is that toppers believe in such a misconception that they can do anything and every job in this world is waiting for them
No, in order to succeed in your life you first have to choose an aim, and still, you have to put lots of effort and struggle, then only you can succeed in your life.
Another reason is that about the education system, in which we memorize things for a short time instead of learning them.
Also, the education system only focuses on subjects like History, Geography, Science, etc.
there is no place and no respect for those who want to be an artist, musician, athlete, etc.
Such kind of pressure restricts your talent to come out that’s why those persons memorize for a short time due to lack of interest.
Some people also believe in a super stupid misconception that you need a degree or a qualification for a job even you can cheat there is no attention for knowledge.
So try to find out your inner talent whether it’s scientific or artistic.