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Some psychological tips for better life

It doesn’t matter how good or a bad one is in academics, one can still call himself/herself an intelligent person.
However, as per the Indian education system, one who is able to memorize things better will be called intelligent.
Myself a student of psychology, what I am sharing is real and trustworthy.

First of all, remember these things are not complex as they seem to be and you will definitely get something interesting.

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Message for study haters who are going to appear in board exams

Hi study haters,

First of all, I want to tell you that I myself was a person who once appeared in board exams.

And I want to tell you that you might be scared that going to another school and giving exams looks scary, but it’s not so, instead, you will enjoy it if you do not concentrate so much on marks.

So my first advice is to stay calm and tension free.

Also, don’t take relatives and others so seriously

According to my experience relative will congratulate you even if you pass the exams, If you think you don’t have such relatives just remember the water glass theory of positivity (read the post ‘Do marks decide your future?’)

All the best πŸ‘

Not for exams but for your happy life

Why people following their passion unable to succeed?

First of all, remember one thing is that never learn from such kind of people who failed in their life even after following their passion because it’s a mistake of them, not yours.
It’s better to learn and inspire from your idol who have work harder than those and also who are more talented than those.
There can be many reasons for their failure.
-They have not worked so hard
-Their mindset is not good
-They have given up
And much more reason can be their
Remember being only good is not enough you have to be great, then only you can be successful in a particular field you like.
Everyone can be good but everyone can’t be great and market demands great.

Why you should follow your passion and work passionately about that 🎨🎸in order to change the worldπŸ†?

You should choose a career of your choice because of many reasons.
First, Knowing the fact learning is life long and you will never learn lifelong about something you don’t like but if you like something you will enjoy gaining more and more knowledge about that thing so this being the first reason to choose a career you like.
Second, You will enjoy your work without taking any kind of stress and you will try to bring out your best in specific work by putting your full mind and heart on it which everyone will appreciate and if you choose a field you don’t like you will never enjoy that work and it will stress you out, you will not put any of your heart in your work you will think of just completing without any interest of making it good, it can also lead to some mental disorders.
Third, you will be happy with your life, maybe you are not able to earn millions of bucks but still, you will have enough money to meet your family needs
But also remember if you keep working hard and learn new things throughout your life, your talent will cost billions one day.
Also, billionaires are not always those who earn a lot of money, billionaire are also those who invest and used money in a smart way.
Its, not 90’s it’s the 21st century where technology is developed and everything has a profession as you are born in this era you have a better knowledge of career-making as you know and it’s also better to stop believing in old things (what your parents may do) and be open-minded.

Don’t give a shit 😀😀about What people will sayπŸ”«

‘Sabse Bada Rog, Kya Kahenge Log’
Yes, continuous thinking about what people will say is the biggest disease of all, it has killed nothing but billions of dreams on the earth.
This disease came from nowhere but from our home, everything including our clothing, our way of thinking, and especially our dreams but have you seen people who may have not even played football in their life but still correcting Ronaldo’s skills? πŸ™‚
Then you have also seen many egoistic persons who continuously giving you advice for everything without having any knowledge of it and of course, their advice has no sense at all.
So it’s better to not come in words of these people and also it’s better not to be liked by them.
In order to be successful in our life, you have to get rid of such disease and it will also boost your confidence and makes your life easy.
Remember, if someone has a problem with your dreams every time that person is negative just like that water glass theory and stay away from negative people
Also remember, trying to be liked every time is a huge waste of time because even the greatest person on this earth has many haters but he always admires his lovers and doesn’t mind any hater
Similarly, no doubt how great you become some amount of your haters are always their
Also, if someone is mocking you or negative with your dreams, he will be embarrassed in the future.
So be ready for this and let the words of people not destroy you.
If they are abusing you now they will not be able to show you their face in the future.

A single sheet of report card πŸ“‹ has no right to decide my futureπŸ’°

You may be one of them who aren’t able to score good marks in school or college.
But remember there are many toppers in this world who are not getting good jobs or careers.
So don’t depend on your marks for your career, especially if you hate studies.
Remember the fact behind the education system in which after scoring marks people forget what they learned so guess what job they will do if they have no knowledge of their own work that’s the main cause of unemployment.
Also, remember your marks are just a part of your knowledge but in order to be successful you have to learn throughout your life that’s why it is recommended to choose the field of your interest so you will enjoy yourself instead of stressing yourself up.
If your parents and relatives are not happy with your score it’s their fault, not yours.
You might have listened about the half-filled water glass theory in which if one who see the glass is half empty is a pessimist and one who sees the glass is half-filled is an optimist.

Similarly, those people who are not satisfied with your marks are negative and those who are satisfied are considered to be positive.
So stay away from negative people
Remember marks in today’s education system has no value with your talent and if you want to a millionaire or billionaire only thing you should follow is your passion for your talent.

Stay away from stupid myths like astrology, especially to decide your career

If you are surrounded by people believing in superstitious things like astrology there are high chances that they have forced you to choose a career what his stars say and what is inside your luck
Which can be something you don’t like or even hate and it’s strongly recommended that never choose that field you don’t like or you will destroy your life
These people say these things are a part of religion but they forget the words of Geeta
‘kismat pe bharosa kay log kate h’
Means cowards trust in luck and god will never ask you to destroy your life.
Just because these people are afraid of problems to come in their life they used to believe in these things.
But if you want to be successful you should have the courage of facing problems and solving them.
So it’s better not to believe in these things.
Do you know?
A palmist said to Dr. S Radhakrishnan that there is no line of being intelligent on his hands
But today he is a highly respected personality of which we celebrate his birthday with the name of teachers day and there are many people who are disabled including those who don’t have hands-on their body (and no lines on their hands) but that doesn’t mean they have no future
Remember the olympic champion … Who don’t have hands
Moreover, great spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda also suggested staying away from these stupid things.
So be brave and solve every problem in your way and success is waiting for you.
Remember astrology is a superstition and superstition is a superstition